Community Business Intelligence

Community Business Intelligence (CBI) is an initiative that provides community health service providers (HSPs) an aggregate reporting tool for the purposes of reporting at the individual, HSP, sector and LHIN level. The CBI Tool will enhance community sector data quality and reporting by:

  • Improving decision-support capabilities
  • Enhancing system planning and performance management
  • Providing benchmark reporting to the TC LHIN and HSPs

Our key stakeholders include HSPs from three sectors: Community Mental Health, Community Addiction, and Community Support Services. Using CBI, HSPs and the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) can track individual clients across the community sector. The sector is made up of three key areas: Community Mental Health (CMH), Community Addictions (CA), and Community Support Services (CSS). CBI supports:

  • Better understanding of service use and capacity across and between sectors;
  • Ability to query data and to view standard reports

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