HSP Implementation

Community Business Intelligence is available to Health Service Providers (HSPs) in three sectors; Community Mental Health (CMH), Community Addiction (CA), and Community Support Services (CSS). The CBI tool collects information from an HSPs client management system (CMS) into a central data repository. From there, individual and aggregate level reports are available to the LHIN and HSPs.

Implementation tools, guidelines and supports

The following materials are available for HSPs preparing to upload data to the CBI. They are grouped into three areas of interest: Implementation Guidelines, Contract Information and Testing and Validation.

Implementation Guidelines

HSP CBI Implementation Toolkit
The toolkit gives HSPs detailed information for uploading Client Management System (CMS) data to the CBI repository. The CBI tool is built and implemented by the HSPs CMS vendor. The vendor assists the HSP with processes including testing, validation, and Go Live (i.e., submitting real client data to the CBI data repository).

Implementation Kick-off
The Implementation Kickoff PowerPoint presentation summarizes the base elements for the project and other project planning activities. A meeting held with HSPs to review the kick off material outlines the project’s scope and objectives, a technical summary, privacy and security, and provides an implementation overview.

Data Sharing Agreement Kick-Off

Contract Information

Data Sharing and Health Information Network Provider Agreement
This agreement is signed between parties participating in CBI. The agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of each HSP, the Health Information Network Provider (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), and Reconnect as Lead Agency for CBI.

DSA – Schedule D Form
Please use this form to complete section D of the DSA.

DSA Signing Guide
Signing Guide Instructions for HSP Participants to the CBI Data Sharing Agreement

Addendum No. 1
Addendum No 1 to the ESPA is now a required companion document to the ESPA and outlines the upload of CBI data to the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES). Please use the signing guide below to complete this document and return it along with your signed ESPA.

Addendum No. 1 Signing Guide
Signing Guide Instructions for Addendum No. 1 to the ESPA.

Learn more about CBI’s approach to privacy and security.

Current Participants

HSPs Live on CBI
HSPs who are currently uploading to CBI with all of their client management systems.

CBI Validated Vendors
This is a current list of vendors who have completed CBI validation.

Testing and Validation

HSP Testing Credentials Request Form
Once an HSP has completed and submitted this online request form, they are ready to begin the testing phase of the CBI implementation.

HSP Testing and Validation Guide
The testing and validation guide provides instructions on thow to upload data to the CBI repository. Tests are performed on a non-production system.

HSP Testing and Validation Guide Results Form
The testing and validation guide results form provides information on successful/unsuccessful uploads for all steps.

HSP CBI Implementation Checklist
A basic checklist of steps for HSPs to follow when implementing CBI.

HSP Reports

HSP Reports User Manual
CBI provides an access Portal where HSPs can view dashboards and reports in three main areas: Clinical Counts, Key Service Date Analysis, and Data Quality.

Reports Slide Deck
For HSPs live and uploading data to CBI—the information presented at the training sessions.

CBI Reports Access Request Form
For HSPs live and uploading data to CBI to gain access to their HSP’s reports and register for a training session

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