Vendor Implementation

Community Business Intelligence is available to Health Service Providers (HSPs) in three sectors; Community Mental Health (CMH), Community Addiction (CA), and Community Support Services (CSS). The CBI tool collects information from an HSPs client management system (CMS) into a central data repository. From there, individual and aggregate level reports are available to the LHIN and HSPs. The role of the vendor is to support the HSP through implementation, validation, testing and Go Live.

Information contained within this section provides validation guides, checklists, and implementation toolkits to enable vendors to conduct system and integration testing.

Implementation tools, guidelines and supports

The following information is available to vendors that support health service providers engaged in implementing CBI. The information is grouped into three areas of interest: Implementation Guidelines, Contract Information and Testing and Validation.

Implementation Guidelines

User Implementation Guide (UIG) – version 1.03.08 (updated July 25th, 2014)
This user guide is intended for developers implementing the CBI Tool for health services providers in the TC LHIN.

Release Notes UIG_1.03.08 (updated July 25th, 2014)
The release notes reflect the changes in version 1.03.08 of the User Implementation Guide dated July 25, 2014.

Contract Information

Vendor Statement of Work
The statement of work is a formal document completed by the vendor that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables, and timeline.

Vendor Services Agreement
The vendor services agreement is a formal agreement between an HSPs CMS vendor and Reconnect outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party for the implementation of CBI..

Testing and Validation

Vendor Credentials Request Form
This form is to be completed by the CMS vendor in order to request credentials to begin testing and validation. CBI test database. Testing can begin when credentials are issued.

Functional Centre ID List (.xlsx format)
This table is a list of the clinical functional centres for CBI.

Data Elements List
List of current data elements collected by CBI.

Please refer to specified sections of the User Implementation Guide for further information:
Certificate Installation Utility
Test Service URL (.wsdl)
Test Service URL (.xsd)
Java Sample Upload Code
Python Sample Code
Test Client Files – Valid
Test Client Files – Mixed

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