About Us

In the winter of 2013 the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) supported an initiative to investigate the development of a shared service model to support the Community Sector, including Community Mental Health, Community Addictions, Community Support Services and Community Health Centres. Starting in the spring, a sector working group was formed to lead this discussion with the goal of determining a collaborative approach to purchasing, procurement and back-office support.

The Shared Service working group discussed and developed a community based model. The goal of the agreed model is to build capacity within the community sector to support a shared services, while partnering with existing Shared Service Organizations (SSO’S) to leverage their experience and benefit from their vendor relations where possible.


Community Shared Services will create efficiencies through collaboration and knowledge exchange


Community Shared Services offers a suite of services that support community health service providers with sourcing strategy and execution

Guiding Principles

Customer Service – We will consistently work to go above and beyond to satisfy the customers’ needs and seek creative solutions 

Trust – We will foster a trusting relationship with all stakeholders involved by providing transparent, consistent and quality service.

Results Based – We will drive outcomes through results based initiatives continually proving value to HSPs, LHIN and sector as a whole

Collaboration – We will work collaboratively in a relationship-centred environment acknowledging that success is achieved together

Innovation/Leading Edge – We will continually work to innovate and lead the sector towards a better future