Current Initiatives

IT Managed Services

The requirements for technology and infrastructure have been continually evolving due to changing service delivery models and an increased emphasis on information and reporting.

In the Winter of fiscal year 14/15 the TC LHIN offered community HSPs the opportunity to receive an IT-IM Assessment. The assessment provided HSPs an in depth look into their current infrastructure, while painting a picture of the current landscape. The IT-IM Assessment provides an overview of how HSPs’ IT infrastructure is performing compared to standards established by the Assessment Team. The assessment found common challenges, including:

  • Aging/outdated hardware equipment
  • Need for reliable and robust internet connectivity
  • Centralized management of IT related policies and procedures
  • Limited internal IT support
  • Access to knowledge and expertise on technology innovation and best practices
IT Managed Services Schedule

Request for Information(RFI)

The findings from the IT-IM Assessment report identified the need to explore IT Managed services and other potential centralized supports for the community health sector. The TC LHIN endorsed the execution of a Request for Information (RFI) for the purposes of gathering information from the marketplace for an IT Managed Services provider that could support the needs of the Community Sector within the TC LHIN. The RFI was intended to assist in helping shape future strategic direction and/or requirements as they relate to IT and associated support services within the Community Sectors.

The RFI was completed in the winter of 2015. We received 5 responses from the sector and the information has been summarized to determine next steps. Click here to view a copy of the IT Managed Services RFI Summary Report.

We have a created a short survey to gather further information from the community sector regarding their current IT support structures. If you could please take a moment to complete the below survey, that would be greatly appreciated. The survey should only take you about 5 minutes to complete.

IT Managed Services Survey

2015 Bulk Purchase

In the winter of 2015 the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC LHIN) completed a one-time funding investment of technology hardware for thirty-one community health service providers (HSPs). The TC LHIN asked the Community Shared Services to coordinate this process, maximizing savings through group purchase.